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Once upon a time, I was a lost soul...


The series

I was completely lost. Fresh out of university with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Marketing. I was in an unhealthy relationship, feeling pressured by society and my boyfriend of the time to do what everyone else was doing: find a good job that had a cool office downtown, settle in, eventually have kids, a yard and if you have a yard why not have a dog? I am not bashing this lifestyle, I know there are a lot of people who are extremely happy and fulfilled with their jobs, house, husband/wife, and kids but to me, that sounded like a trap!

Instagram wasn’t huge in my life back in 2017 but the few accounts that I followed were all about traveling. I was continuously in awe seeing all these strangers sipping coconuts on the beach while working remotely. How on earth did they make enough money to travel the world? Where did they find the time? What jobs allowed this?  How was that possible? I became completely obsessed, wanting to know every detail of their lives. My (now ex THANK YOU ) boyfriend was constantly shutting me down, telling me to stop living in this fantasy world of freedom and travels, real life is about hard work and the grind!


I was so tired of people telling me NO around me !! NO, you can't travel the world !! No, you can't do this as a woman! No this is not how life works.  I HAD ENOUGH! I flipped the script and said YES! I can be whomever I want to be! I can have the life that I want. I am the master of my destiny and nobody will tell me otherwise! I was unstoppable!!

I dumped the limiting boyfriend. Quit the comfortable job and started grinding for real! Those people I was following on Instagram, I hunted them down. I stepped outside of my comfort zone and made it a point to talk to them and ask them all the questions I had been ruminating inside of me for years. I wanted to surround myself with people who were succeeding at being free and traveling… after all, you become whom you hang out with, right?


I created a plan. I now understand it came from my higher self as I was guided by my intuition and had no fear even if looking back now, it was completely crazy!

I raised enough money alone to pay for the series I had created in my head: Nomad Generation. I raised enough money to hire and pay a crew to do the filming and editing along with me around the world. I found amazing sponsors that supported me in this journey. I wore every hat from the researcher to the manager of sponsors, the art director, the host, the photographer, post-editing, you name it!

I have never felt this proud in my life.

Nomad Generation is all about choosing the life that you want. It’s about freedom, purpose and meaning. I connected with nomads from across the world to unveil their lifestyle, hoping to inspire anyone else out there that feels like a lost soul.

You are not alone friend.

The community and I 

I am flattered if you are reading this far! Thank you and please don’t hesitate to connect with me on Facebook, Instagram, or here by sending me an email.

As far as I can remember, traveling has always been part of my life. My mom is originally from the Bahamas and immigrated to Canada for my dad when she was in her twenties. We would go back to the Bahamas almost every summer until I was 15 years old and then I wanted to explore the world on my own.

I traveled at every opportunity that I got and almost always chose jobs that had travel benefits. I worked as an international model and even had the chance to live in Cape Town, South Africa. I was a flight attendant for a bit, relentlessly traveling every occasion I had. I was an international presenter at Auto Shows which made me travel throughout the United States and Canada. I started a company with a friend that organized surf & yoga retreats in Costa Rica, Mexico, Hawaii, Canada, and the US. Finally, you might also recognize my face from the beloved show: The Amazing Race Canada!

My passion for traveling grew and became a lifestyle when I realized it could be taken away from me if I chose to fit into society's norms. I still can’t believe to this day that 4 weeks of vacation per year is the norm and to be completely transparent with you, I also don’t understand how having 48 continuous hours off work in a week is considered "balanced".

My soul yearns for a society that judges success not by the amount of money one makes, one material possession, or his/her professional title, but rather by the capability to lead a balanced and fulfilled lifestyle where love, self-love, self-care, meaningful relationships, and growth are at the core of it all.

I absolutely am not denying the power and value of money in this all. Money is essential whether you are a traveler or not, but I simply feel better about myself making money all whilst also helping others grow along the way which feels in line with my purpose.

Not everyone around me understands and supports my life choices and I am still learning to be ok with that… it’s hard when it’s people who are really close to you. Finding my tribe and surrounding myself with friends and a community that supports and understands me has had a huge impact on my life.

Being able to put words to my choices also really helped, I do consider myself a modern nomad. The world is my playground and I want to play in it as much as I can with the time I am allowed on this earth. My home is where I feel at home for the time being.

Gosh, you are still reading…..

Ok well don’t leave me hanging, this felt like a monologue, please come and share your story with me. I am always happy to connect with fellow travelers.

Much love 

Ebonie ( Eb for short ) xx 

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