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Hi Girls LOVE Travel 

Thank you so much for being here and for watching the video I've made for you.

I would love to tell you more about how we can collaborate and what's in it for you. 

Here is the teaser video for the second season of Nomad Generation - all women 


Proof of concept


* Invited to pitch the second season at the Netflix Diversity of Voice Banff International festival held in Banff June 12th to 15th

The first season of Nomad Generation collected over 2.5 million views in a couple of months after it aired on Facebook 

Generated over + 50 000 in comments and interactions on Facebook 

Generated over +20 000 views and interaction on Instagram


What I stand for

It might seem silly to some, but social impact is important to me. As a BIPOC woman, I cannot create a show that is seen by millions of people and not take this opportunity to have a positive social impact. I want to make sure the show is :

  1. Inclusive to ALL races, sexual preferences & religions. Nomads from across the world will be represented regardless of the above. 

  2. Anti-racist 

  3. Diversity in media 

  4. Traveling ethically 

  5. Encouraging local economy

As a visible minority and emerging creator,  I am a PROUD ambassador and warrior for more diversity in traditional media and breaking stereotypes. 

By taking part and collaborating with me, you would be an ally in my quest to promote diversity and also encourage an emerging BIPOC creator.


What's in it for you

Here is why this is a

WIN-WIN and a perfect opportunity for GLT 


The series is 100% targeted and tailored to your audience. The GLT community would EAT this up !! We can see in the storytelling posts how engaged the community gets....imagine if we posted episodes tailored to their dreams, aspiration and lifestyle ❤️ 


BIG possibility to broadcast the show on NETFLIX featuring GLT


It's high-quality content that would cost over 1,5M to create  all for FREE if we collaborate


Grow your platform even more by girls sharing the content with their audience  


Tighten the community even more by sharing stories from GLT members 


You don't have to deal or manage any of the logistics ( cameramen, sound guys, post-production, traveling crew, coordinating nomads ) 



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