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Season 2 ( English )
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At first, I couldn't even imagine the success Nomad Generation was going to have as a French travel web series. The show generated over 2.5M views in only a couple of months. Viewers were sharing the content and became very involved by asking us questions about the nomadic lifestyle. 


I am a marketing girl, my field of expertise, so let's crunch numbers :

  • 85% of these questions came from women. 

  • 90% of my audience was people between the ages of 20 to 40 years old.

  • They were extremely engaged and curious about how other people were living a nomadic lifestyle or how they could it themselves.

I would see a pattern in the questions I got asked :

  • What job can you do to have more freedom? 

  • How do you get started? 

  • Is it safe to travel alone as a woman? 

  • What are the best destinations for nomads

  • Can I do this if I have kids, a house, or a dog?

  • Is there a community to support me? 

So here is how I want to make season 2 better than ever :

Nomad Generation is an international concept that touches millions of people across the world, even more now post-pandemic. Remote work and jobs have skyrocketed and the benefits of working freely around the world no longer have to be explained, it’s the how-to that people want to know.

I now want to create an English version of the show that will follow my journey for over a year,  as I travel the world, looking for the best places and hot spots to work and live as a nomad. As I go, I will also be answering questions such as how to get started, how to make money, and be financially independent while traveling all whilst meeting and interviewing other  inspiring nomadic who are kicking butts and have incredible stories and tips to share such as 


I am eager and excited to inspire more people to SAY YES TO THE LIFE OF THEIR DREAMS! I am thrilled by the idea of making the face of modern travel more inclusive and I cannot wait to spread my wings again and take you along the Nomad Generation- English International edition 💃🏽

Check it out 👇🏾

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