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Digital entrepreneur - Create more time by doing less

Ok this one might not resonate with everyone… and that’s ok 😊 If you are already the chill type, you might want to skip this one but if you are the workaholic type, like me, then I am hoping that reading this will help save you loads of time.

Being an entrepreneur can be tricky because you bear all the responsibilities. You wear all the hats or a lot of them. When you are traveling, your time is precious because there are you are trying to discover this amazing new place, but you also have a business to run. As a digital entrepreneur, you are responsible for your own schedule which is a blessing but can also be a real pain if you don’t know where to draw the line.

So let’s start from the top.

Me : Hi, my name is Ebonie. I am a recovering workaholic.🙋🏽‍♀️

Group : Hi, Ebonie, welcome to W.A. ( workaholic anonymous)

I don’t know if such a group exist, but I would have needed those meetings.

I used to have the belief that I am not worthy of anything unless I have sweated and bleed for it. The list of limiting beliefs that I have/had is long :

  • Money does not grow in trees

  • You must work hard to get money

  • Early birds get the worms


Yadi yadi yada ! Well, that’s a bunch of B.S. that rich people tell workers because they need workers in order to stay rich and at the top of the food chain. Imagine if we were all woke! Imagine if we all knew that we were worthy of everything just by living, being, breathing….

So let's break it down

  • Money doesn’t grow in trees, but money is energy and energy is every where.

  • You don’t have to work hard to get money, you have to work wisely and make money work for you, not the other way around.

  • Early birds do get worms but so do every bird to be fair, there are enough worms for everyone.

Today was such a blessing for me because I have been repeating all these beliefs busters to myself for months now, years, but I still have trouble putting them into action. Today was different.

Today is a Sunday and Sunday’s are always reserved for working on our new business ( my boyfriend and I ) I woke up at 10 am because my body needed to rest, and I decided that I wouldn’t feel guilty about it. I decided instead that I would honor and respect what my precious body is needing. The old Ebonie would have freaked out and immediately get to work the second both her eyes where open but instead, I snuggled in bed with my boyfriend and enjoyed this precious morning together.

Then, I had promised myself I wanted to work out that day. Old Ebonie would have never allowed for a workout because she already woke up super late and must get to work immediately but new Ebonie decided to honor again her precious body that was made to move and gave herself a nice 45 min workout + 20 min silky delicious stretching session…. Awhhhhhh it felt amazing and energized me!

It didn’t even end here guys, then we felt like indulging in a nice big breakfast, so we ordered a juicy vegan breakfast and went to pick it up, sat down with no phone and enjoyed it for 20 minutes. By the time we were actually ready to work on the company, it was 3pm. 3 pm !!!!!!

A part of me was thinking: ʺOMG, we are going to work until midnight tonight, F&*& I have to work wake up at 7am tomorrow… I am going to start my week exhausted...F&*& why did we wake up so late ʺ and I was catching myself spiraling down into negatives thoughts. So, I stopped, breathe, and reminded myself that today would be a great opportunity to put my money where my mouth is. I don’t have to work more; I have to work smartly.

Guess what, we put our cell phones away, focused on one task at a time and got everything done in 4 hours! It felt amazing. I am no professional on the subject and I can humbly say

that I am still learning but here is what works for me :

Ø Working when I feel focused and inspired rather than when I HAVE to. It actually creates more time because I am faster and more efficient.

Ø Working in blocs rather than multi-tasking

Ø Listening to my body, if I need to rest, I rest with no guilt because this means that I will come back more energized.

Ø Blocking longer periods of time than I know I need for tasks. If I finish early, great, more free time and if anything goes wrong, I am covered.

Ø Doing high energy, more draining tasks first

Ø Working out in the morning gives me more energy and alleviate the stress of doing it after work if I finish work too late

Ø Deleguate, deleguate, deleguate! Focus on what you like doing and if it’s possible, delegate the stuff that make you cringe

Ø Take time to organize your time and your schedule, it will actually make you save time and work more efficiently.

I know I am not reinventing the wheel here but sometimes; we need to be reminded of our worth. We are not here solely to pay bills, work and die. We are here simply to be, live, experience, learn and grow.

You become what you think, and your reality is a materialization of your thoughts so observe your thoughts and try to rewrite the ones that are telling you to work more. Eliminate anyone that is trying to sell you on the idea that you need to sleep 4 hours a night and work 20hours a day to be successful.

Remember who you are.

You are worthy.

You are enough.

You are allowed to work less AND have everything that your heart desires💕

Find what ever mantras resonate with you and embody them. It will eventually become your reality.

That’s all for this episode of a recovering workaholic.

Time for some more snuggle time with the boyfriend 😊


From my soul to yours xx

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